Rosalind Johansson is a textile artist and teacher based in Herefordshire, England.
Taking influences from her years spent living in Botswana and Tanzania in Africa, Norway and Sweden in Scandinavia and Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia, Rosalind's vibrant style celebrates the wealth of colours, themes and techniques used in textile artistry across the globe. 

A keen quilter, Rosalind uses intricate stitching details to create vivid masterpieces, often depicting visual scenes synonymous with the countries she has inhabited. 

Rosalind is a keen public speaker and teacher of textiles, having spoken at many quilt groups and regional days, and is a teacher at The Festival of Quilts and other textile shows around the country. 

A 2015 textiles tour took Rosalind across Peru, which she names as the inspirational theme for her current work. She has since visited Peru several more times, deepening her knowledge of the wonderful textiles to be found there, not least embroidery, weaving and knitting. Most recently she was lucky enough to spend an intensive 3 week period studying weaving techniques with world renowned Peruvian weaver, Maximo Laura in his studio in Lima.